Motivate Yourself for Weight Loss?

Have you ever tried to quit smoking or lose weight?

If the answer is yes, then you know how hard it could be to maintain the motivation for weight loss. In fact, the gap between the intentions and actions exist due to the lack of understanding of the motivational process.

To find out how exactly the motivation works, and how the motivation for weight loss can be developed,  take a pen and piece of paper and answer few simple questions.

1.What challenge me?

 Let’s say your challenge is to get rid of 5 pounds. Overall the challenge is in our nature. We deliberately seek challenges to overcome and new skills to master. The challenge is that thing that makes us experience the pleasure of accomplishment.

2.What outcome do I expect?  

The probable answer is to lose 5 pounds. We try all the time to make sense of the surrounding world, to understand what causes success or failure for instance. Given this point, curiosity is what helps us to find what outcome we expect. Depending on the expected outcome we develop stronger or weaker motivation.

3.How strong I believe that I can achieve the desired outcome?

 Be careful with this one. Dismiss thoughts like “last time I failed” and rather stick to answers like “this time I will do it”. Don’t forget that the way you think influence the way you act.

4.How will I achieve the desired outcome? 

This is your personal choice. Whether you will switch to a different lifestyle it is not so important, the essence is to make a personal free choice. Every one of us lives in an interpersonal background – home, office, classroom or work. The background influences our experience of autonomy, competence, and connectedness. The background controls our behavior, we feel pressured to think, feel or behave in particular ways. Those feelings limit our motivation.

When you know that there is a fence, you can’t motivate yourself to run.

Have a look at your answers: You have a goal – to lose 5 pounds, desired outcome or result – to lose 5 pounds. As a matter of fact, now you can evaluate your own desire for achievement and balance further the motivation processes.




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