Best Water Bottle For Weight Loss

best water bottle for weight lossDrinking a lot of water is crucial for any weight loss plan. As a matter fact, we can not replace water either with teas, juices or any other beverages. The water makes our skin more elastic and energizes the muscles. Drinking more water contributes to improved productivity,  increases the energy levels, and natural weight loss. In spite of that, we tend to forget, to drink enough water.  The industry offers plenty of innovative smart bottles with many and different features and apps that can help us to drink more water.

Having a smart bottle can be beneficial for keeping your motivational levels and reaching your weight loss or fitness goals. On the other hand, water bottles with filters provide clean water, they give the option for detox water and the price is low. In this context, the whole family can benefit from having a  smart water bottle or carbon filter water depending on your personal needs. 

Best buy smart bottles 

A smart water bottle is a reusable water bottle that can track your water intake and alert you if you need to drink more water.  In this way, the bottle helps you hit your daily hydration goals. Also, these bottles allow to setting goals for drinking fluids and most of them are compatible with Fitbit, Jawbone, and Apple Health Kit.

A popular brand of smart bottles is the Ozmo bottle featuring unique attributes, which can not be found elsewhere and which many consumers find advantageous.


Ozmo Smart Bottle features a simple and clean design and manages to be engaging.  The customers can choose from one of the several colors. The bottle is plastic but is designed for both hot and cold drinks.


 Ozmo measures your fitness level.

The bottle’s app syncs up with the fitness app you’ve got on your phone, on your smartwatch, or even your fitness tracker.The synchronization creates more specific recommendations about how much water you should drink. Instead of going on an estimate,  the apps know exactly how hard you worked each day.

Price on Amazon:£49

H2OPal Hydration Tracker


An elegant design and easy to set up.


This bottle has a tiny device attached to the base of the bottle. The device – H2OPal Hydration Tracker   tracks the water intake automatically. In addition, it reminds you when you need to drink water. It uses accelerometer and weight sensors to monitor the water level in the bottle. A  sensor connects to your smartphone every time you drink water. The app creates custom goals based on physical activity, weather, weight, and age. It’s easy to set up,  and energy efficient.  You can even be notified of hydration levels through push notifications on your smartphone. Available in two different color combinations. It is frequently recommended online by publications like Gadget Flow.

Price: £79 on Amazon

 Best water bottle for weight loss – NEW BOBBLE INFUSE ™. 


Smart and stylish design with a leak-proof system.Drinking water can contain dirt, minerals, chemicals and often it smells and tastes bad. Some of these contaminants can endanger your health, especially when they include microscopic organisms and bacteria that can cause serious illness. Water bottles with filters remove particles ranging from half a micrometer (one-thousandth of a meter) to 50 micrometers. Apart from providing you with clean water, the new bobble infuse ™. features a modular cap system. The bottle lets you hydrate, filter, or infuse. With the carbon filter removed, the filter cage acts as a fruit infuser.Just add your favorite fruit or vegetables to the bottle, replace the cap, and you can enjoy a sip of detox water prepared with your favorite fruits. When it comes to weight loss the infused water will flush the toxins out of your body and will improve your metabolism. You will stay not only hydrated but the infused water will improve the body processes.

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