Glutamine dietary supplement for weight loss




If you’re looking for a leg up on trimming your waist, consider adding glutamine supplement to your diet!

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Glutamine is an amino acid in the body that helps us to repair the cells in the digestive system. Having stronger cells in the digestive tract means that we are able to better absorb the nutrients that aid weight loss and fat burning from the food.

An additional benefit from the glutamine supplement is that it helps control cravings and is associated with a reduction in appetite.

Low glutamine levels occur during stress periods, body infections, physical injuries, burns or other forms of trauma. Other potential sources of glutamine-depleting stress include surgeries and heavy exercise. The use of glutamine supplements is associated with improvement of symptoms in people with the bowel disorders Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

How to take Glutamine dietary supplement for weight loss?

If you take high-protein food and glutamine, you might be experiencing some weight loss benefits. Although very few studies have been done on glutamine dosage for weight loss it is suggested to take around 20 grams of glutamine supplement for a 150-pound woman. 

Best time to take Glutamine for weight loss?

The best time for taking glutamine supplements is right after you wake up.

Bottom line: If you’re diagnosed with diabetes, we suggest you consult your doctor before taking this supplement as diabetics metabolize glutamine supplement faster than people who are not diagnosed with diabetes.

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