Pecan Is The Right Snack For People Who Want To Build Muscles

Pecans are a delicacy that brings incredible benefits to our body

This is due not so much to the sweet creamy taste and oily texture, as to the high content of monounsaturated acids in its composition. A couple of nuts a day will reduce cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol is a common reason for cardiovascular diseases. Pecans are rich in taste and aroma nut. A delicacy that brings incredible benefits to our body. Besides, being filled with various nutrients, pecans, helps to lose weight.                                                                         Pecan

Source of L-arginine and oleic acid.

Many studies report that people who include this nut in their diet receive a lot of benefits, including, reduced the risk of cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, cholelithiasis, and cancer.  

Among all known types of nuts, the pecans have the highest content of monounsaturated acids, such as oleic acid.

The oleic,  prevents the formation of cancer cells, ischemic heart disease and reduces the risk of heart attack.

The pecans are a source of L-arginine. The body needs L-arginine to produce proteins. Scientific research suggests that eating nuts, such as pecans, reduces the risk of developing diabetes.Equally important, this nut is safe for people with diabetes and is useful for maintaining healthy sugar levels.

Great for people who want to build muscle tissue.

Pecan consists mainly of fats with caloric value (691 kcal / 100 g). Thanks to its balanced composition, pecan is great for people who want to build muscle tissue.Energy value: proteins – 9.2 g; Fats – 72 g; Carbohydrates – 13,9 g; Dietary fiber – 9.6 g. Pecan is an excellent source of vitamin E – a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant necessary to maintain healthy eyes, skin, and hair.


   Energy Content of Nuts per 100g/ Kcal

                                        Raw                               Roasted

Brazil Nuts656
Cashew Nuts553574


Source:  US Department of Agriculture Nutrient Data Base at

A handful of pecan daily protects the nervous system and delays the age-related degeneration of the motor neurons. The nut has these abilities due to the high amounts of zinc, phosphorus, and manganese in its composition. We also need these minerals for the growth and development of bones, muscles and nerve fibers.

Pecans are a real energy storehouse full of all-important vitamins and minerals, Necessary for the preservation of health, youth, and protection from disease.

How to use pecans for weight loss?

Pecan is recommended for low-carb, vegetarian, anticholesterol, salt-free diets, as well as in nutrition plans consisting of products with a low-glycemic index. Diets, including nuts as pecans, contribute to weight loss, as the consumption of this delicacy increases satiety and speeds up metabolism. In addition, high fiber content has a positive effect on the intestines. Fibers, acting as a “scrub”, clean out all toxins and wastes from the body. Thus, the work of the digestive tract improves, energy appears and the general condition of the body improves. 

Bottom line: Pecans are safe for most people, but some may experience an allergic reaction, the cause of which is the proteins found in nuts.

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