Pistachios – Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Nuts are considered as an energy-dense food,

having an estimated 23–30 kJ/g compared with an energy density of 7·5 kJ/g for a typical diet overall

A recent study published in British Journal of Nutrition draws attention to the Pistachios. Pistachios become apparent in the first century AD when they arrived in Italy from Syria. Up to present day pistachios are important part of the western diet.

Pistachios  and Weight Management

Eating pistachio nuts do not contribute to weight gain or an increased body mass index – a measure of body fat based on height and weight – when included in a balanced diet, according to a scientific review of several clinical studies.

This is among the many findings described in a review article published in the British Journal of Nutrition titled, “Nutrition attributes and health effects of pistachio nuts.” The article analyzes the results of more than 100 research studies and clinical trials regarding nut consumption and health, highlighting the potential health benefits of pistachios, which are a source of plant-based protein, vitamins and minerals and also a good source of fiber. Additionally, pistachios are positively linked with the satiety, an important feeling for the people trying to lose weight.

Nutritional Value

One cup of raw pistachios provides 685 calories – 67 percent fat, 20 percent carbohydrates, and 13 percent protein. About 33 percent of the fat is saturated, whereas the remainder includes unsaturated varieties such as omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids.

  • Pistachios are a good source of fiber and vitamin B /including folic acid/, vitamin K as well as the minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium which play role in the blood pressure control and bone health
  • Just eating one handful of pistachios a day provides you with enough antioxidants, mineral, protein, and vitamins for the entire day. 

There are health concerns with pistachios, though. Since it is a nut, those with nut allergies do have to be cautious. If you have a known cashew nut allergy then you’ll need to take precautions with pistachios as they do fall into the same nut family.


But if you’re not allergic to nuts, then this is a great food to eat for your overall health. Toss a handful of pistachios on your salad, vegetable or fruit salad. They have a sweet nutty taste so even using them in pastries is a plus. Wherever you can get these tasty nuts into your diet you won’t be disappointed. Because not only do they taste great – they are great for you, too. So will you be enjoying the many health benefits of pistachios today?

Pistachios are great for snacks and have health benefits too.

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