How To Prepare Weight Loss Smoothies?

With a cup of smoothie, prepared for less than a minute, we can breakfast and stop the cravings for a couple of hours. Smoothie is considered a super beginning of the day for anyone. Excellent choice for sports-active people and people trying to lose weight.

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Follow these simple rules, to prepare   weight loss smoothies

If you are trying to lose weight with smoothies, there are few simple rules you need to follow if you want your smoothie to be not only tasty but effective for weight loss. If you mix a few different fruits you are creating a drink with a high glycemic index. The high glycemic index is the root of many heart and blood sugar problems.

The optimal combination of ingredients for weight loss smoothies contains both, vegetables and fruits.

  • The proportion of vegetables and fruits must be in ratio 70% vegetables and 30% fruits or 80%vegetables and 20% fruits.

The liquid for the weight loss smoothies can be milk, water or tea. For a maximum effectiveness of your smoothie instead of cow milk, you can use nut milk.

Tossing some healthy fats into your blender can help prevent your green smoothies from creating blood-sugar spikes. As a rule, fat creates more of a sustained energy than do the carbs. Different seeds, such as Chia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame or Flaxseeds and Avocado or a spoon of olive oil will add to your diet omega 3,6,9 essential acids.

Matcha and Berries Smoothie Recipe

  • Avoid sugar.

If you want to sweeten your smoothies, stevia is a healthy option

  • Do not add powdered protein.

Powder protein should be used only in a case that you are exercising regularly. 

The idea behind the supplements is that the protein helps repair muscle fibres that have been torn by exercise, which in turn makes our muscles bigger and improves our strength.




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